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                   The following sets out the benefits of becoming a Solidus Licensee:

Pre-sales advice

Our pre-sales advice ensures you establish the best solutions for your client’s individual situation. Our overview service provides you with advice and recommendations to help you offer your client the best advice for their individual situation The Solidus team are always on hand to support you through all stages of your case submission.

Training for you and your team

We offer our Licensees and their team a comprehensive programme of live and recorded training at no cost, and the option to book on specialist chargeable training seminars. This can be specially tailored to meet your business needs.

Dedicated Solidus Licensee website

Easy access to a range of support information including presentations, training webinars, case studies and templates to enhance your knowledge and simplify your administration. In addition, you can track the progress of your case submissions and receive email notification at each change of status.

Professional Indemnity

Our Trust Solutions have been developed with the expertise of our leading legal advisers and with careful planning not only can they keep the client’s estate in their family bloodline and protect it from eroding, but they potentially reduce or remove their Inheritance Tax Liability. The Professional Indemnity risk is taken out of your business and covered under Solidus.

Assisted webinar service

These webinars will enable you to communicate the benefits of Trust Solutions to your existing clients where we can host on your behalf or alongside you. During the webinar we highlight benefits of wealth protection, which will enable you to establish clients’ planning on a larger scale. Whatever level of support you need to run a webinar programme we have a solution to meet your requirements.

Client facing webinars

During these Solidus YouTube videos, we identify the issues that a lack of planning creates in a way to ensure that your clients understand the issues facing them.

Quality legal work

With us, providing advice and draft copies of your client’s Trust and Estate Planning documents is part of the service. We draft them in line with the most up-to-date legal precedents, and all of our Trust frameworks are authorised under the Solicitors Regulation Authority which means your clients receive high quality Trust documents which are compliant.

Trust Registration Service

As a Licensee you automatically benefit from a discount on using our Trust Registration Service. To support you and your clients with these requirements, Solidus have created this service which brings together information from HMRC and other sources as well as the registration requirements and options to register a Trust.


With our Trust solutions we provide support with the planning from start to finish. When a client deceases, we can be there to support you and your clients when it comes to completing Probate and guide you through the paperwork to support you and your client through a difficult time.

Indirect access to legal partners

Sometimes, your clients will have additional legal requirements that are beyond our services. In these cases, we can direct you to one of our professional contacts to ensure your clients receive the highest level of legal advice available.

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