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Updates to the HMRC Trust Registration Service (Published 14 April 2022)

As of 1 March, there have been several updates and changes to the Trust Registration Service (TRS) submission process, we will outline the most relevant ones in this article. Deadlines: Non-taxable Trusts (registerable express Trusts) are required to be registered by 1 September 2022 or within 90 days from the date of creation. Changes to…

Case Study - Cohabiting Couple (Published 17 January 2022)

Sarah and John are both divorcees and have lived together for 15 years. They each have a child from their previous relationships. They own their property in equal shares under a tenants in common arrangement; the property is their main asset and they have individual investments. They are likely to both need their own NRB…

Life Policies in Trust (Published 7 January 2022)

When it comes to life insurance and estate planning, in order to ease the process of distributing the funds following the death of your client, an insurance policy can be held as an asset in the Trust. This Trust, subject to certain conditions, may be excluded from registration during the lifetime of your client/the person…

HMRC have confirmed that Trusts closed since 6th Oct 2020 need to be registered (Published 6 December 2021)

HMRC’s Trust Registration Service (TRS) started on 1 September 2021 with a deadline of 1 September 2022 for all existing Trusts to be registered. There has been some confusion over whether or not Trusts that have closed or will close before 1 September 2022 need to be registered, i.e. if the Trust closed before the…

Case Study - High Net-Worth Family (2) (Published 22 September 2021)

Raj and Hannah are a married couple who have a significant estate with joint assets worth more than £2 million. They have Wills leaving assets to each other and then to their two children. They would like to reduce their IHT liability as a priority and believe they are missing some opportunities. They are also…


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Mills & Reeve appointment – additional requirements

Published 6 June 2022

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Mills & Reeve appointment request form


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Appointing a professional trustee


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Appointing a professional executor


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LPA Suitability Letter V22.1

Published 23 May 2022

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Joint Settlor PGT Suitability Letter V22.1


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Single Settlor PGT Suitability Letter V22.1


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Building a Referral System with David Batchelor

Published 19 May 2022

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RNRB Suitability Letter V22.1

Published 29 April 2022

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Protecting the Pension Benefits of Single Clients


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