Registration Offer

Why use a Certified Third Party Trust Company?

Client benefits

  • Provides bloodline protection of assets
  • Provides significant financial benefits
  • Provides continuity of advice

Financial planner benefits

  • Reduces the PI risk of the Trusts from your company
  • Complies with Industry Best Practice
  • Enables realisation of significant revenue opportunities
  • Enables differentiation of advice and enhances partnership with clients

Who are Solidus?

Solidus are a leading Trust Service Company who work with financial planners throughout the United Kingdom to provide their clients with enhanced advice in relation to Trust Solutions.

Established in 1996, Solidus have developed a reputation for providing unrivalled wealth protection services which complements current financial advice.

Our Trust Solutions provide legitimate avenues through which many clients are able to mitigate Inheritance Tax costs for future generations whilst ensuring their estate remains within their bloodline.

We provide guaranteed Client Trust Solutions which have been developed using the expertise of leading legal advisers and counsel. All solutions provided through a Solidus trained Financial Planner are certified by our legal partners to provide you with added reassurance.

What should I do now?

We are waiving the joining fee of £130 plus VAT for Transact advisors who sign up and attend their first free training session. To sign up all you need to pay is a quarterly Transact rate licence fee of £35 plus VAT.

Benefits of becoming a Solidus licensee

  • Solidus only work with financial planners and licence them to use our Trust Solutions
  • Quality legal work
  • Removes the PI risk from your Business
  • Ongoing CPD events
  • Pre-sales support for client frameworks
  • Effective Sales and marketing workshops
  • Indirect access to legal partners for specialist advice
  • Annual Conference (this year the conference will be held in Birmingham on 6 November)