We help to reduce inter-generational wealth erosion and avoid the payment of unnecessary inheritance tax.

Be supported throughout.

Once you become a Solidus Licensee, you will have access to a wealth of information, case studies, videos, and templates on our exclusive area of the website. You will receive regular email updates with details of industry news and upcoming events that will support you in providing our solutions to your clients.  We also provide an overview service where you send us key details of your clients’ scenario in a simple fact find – we will share with you the best solutions for your client in an easy to read format that you can share with your client.  All this support will take the strain out of your business and employees.

Benefits of working with Solidus

·    Compliance – Comply with industry best practice by putting your client’s estate into Trust.  Solidus trained Financial Planners understand how to use Trust solutions to improve estate planning, giving them the opportunity to offer their clients differentiated advice, which increases their earning potential.

·    Removes PI Risk – Most Trust providers place the PI risk on the Financial Planner by stating on the application form that the client should seek independent advice. At Solidus, we take on that PI risk.

·    Closer Client Ties – By successfully helping your client protect their assets for their loved ones, the likelihood of you retaining these clients increases and can lead to you receiving good quality referrals as your clients are more likely to recommend you to family and friends.

·    Increasing earnings – Providing Trust Solutions to your clients enables you to retain existing clients, generate new leads and secure new business.

Our solutions

Single Persons

Single Persons, whether widowed, divorced or simply single, require specific advice customised to their needs.

Married Couples

Protective benefits for Married Couples is particularly important and is a focus of our customised solutions.

Blended Families

The control and distribution of assets within Blended Families can be complex, our solutions ensure the desired wealth transfers are guaranteed.

Cohabiting Couples

Cohabiting Couples frequently have inefficient tax and protective arrangements for their estates, which can easily be avoided with bespoke planning.

High Net-Worth Families

Estates where Inheritance Tax is a potential issue can take legitimate actions to mitigate IHT. The majority of estates of £2 million+ have inefficient Estate Planning arrangements.

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