Trust Fulfilment for deceased clients 2

  Trust Fulfilment for Deceased Clients 2 The link to the first webinar presented by Malcolm Noblett is :-

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Trust Fulfilment for Deceased Clients

Trust Fulfilment for Deceased Clients The link to the first webinar presented by Malcolm Noblett is :-  

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Online Estate Planning Training Modules

NEW  Online Estate Planning Training Modules Solidus have developed a new range of online training modules for advisers and support staff in order to facilitate greater understanding, technical competence and development ideas. Online so you can take the modules at your own pace. Starts with Core Modules to get you up and going quickly so you can provide key client solutions. You can progress to master estate planning Modules as your confidence grows. Each Module is completed with a quiz. Certification and CPD points are available as a Core Estate Planner or Master Estate Planner. Real time webinars support the […]

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Opportunities resulting from The Consumer Duty 

Opportunities resulting from The Consumer Duty      WeI like to keep my eye on developments within the profession.   Rightly or wrongly the current hottest topic in town seems to be The Consumer Duty requirements. No doubt many of you are frantically working on complying with the legislation due to come into effect at the end of July. Much of what is contained within the legislation most of you are already doing, however the regulator now requires your process to be documented.   Most of the focus for planning firms up to now has been on their advice service […]

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Solidus Conference XIII

Updates to the HMRC Trust Registration Service

Life Policies in Trust

HMRC have confirmed that Trusts closed since 6th Oct 2020 need to be registered

HMRC’s Trust Registration Service (TRS) started on 1 September 2021 with a deadline of 1 September 2022 for all existing Trusts to be registered. There has been some confusion over whether or not Trusts that have closed or will close before 1 September 2022 need to be registered, i.e. if the Trust closed before the facilities to register it became available. The HMRC have now announced that these Trusts will, in fact, need to be registered and then closed. The HMRC released the following statement: “On 6 October 2020, amendments to the Money Laundering Regulations came into force to require […]

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Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

I appreciate “happy anniversary” might be a bit of a stretch, but I think the point to take away here is this kind of topic, when speaking with your clients, does not need to be as complicated as you think! The 10-year anniversary charge (also known as the periodic charge) very much gives the game away in its name. When a Trust hits its 10th year anniversary, the trustees will need to pay a 6% charge on the assets that exceed the Nil Rate Band allowance (21/22 £325,000).  For example, if a Trust holds £425,000 of assets, on its 10th […]

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What’s the difference?

A common question I have had this week is, “What is the difference between a Solidus Plan and a Beneficiary Protection Plan (BPP) for Married Couples?”. The short answer is that the Solidus Plan is a defined framework which has a higher IHT focus for high-net-worth clients. The popular BPP is for married couples where the key driver is asset protection. On first death Nil Rate Band (NRB) planning and/or life interest planning is popular and is achieved by the creation of a Will Trust for the benefit of the surviving spouse when the client deceases. The NRB or life […]

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