You spend your lifetime building up your wealth; take professional advice to ensure it is protected.

Do I need a Financial Planner?

You spend your lifetime accumulating your wealth, so isn’t it worth taking advice from a professional that might save you money in the long run?

Most of us are able to manage our day to day finances very well, but when it comes to planning your finances or investments, we often don’t have very much experience.

A good financial planner will work with you to find the best financial and estate planning solutions that meet the needs of you and your family – ensuring your wealth:

  • is directed to where you want it to go
  • is kept in your family bloodline
  • is protected from third party claims
  • is protected from unnecessary tax payments

Financial planners are up-to-date with changes in legislation and can review your planning needs as and when changes might impact your current planning or when your family situation changes.

Please send me contact details of a Solidus trained Financial Planner in my local area.