3 stages to protect your wealth
Life-time planning
Death-time planning
Post death

Continuity of advice

It’s important to build a good relationship with your Financial Planner. After all, you are entrusting them with your family wealth. A good financial planner will arrange regular review meetings and know if any changes in law will affect your planning. This continuity of advice can save you money.

Without the relevant advice, even the best drafted documents may prove ineffective. We look at three stages in wealth preservation when it’s particularly important to seek advice:

Life-time planning which focuses on reducing your tax liability as well as protecting the assets you want to pass on to beneficiaries during your lifetime. Our Multiple Bond Trusts, Protective Gifting Trusts and Property Trusts can help you achieve this goal.

Death-time planning which focuses on directing your wealth to who you want to benefit after your death, whilst protecting it from social impacts and unnecessary taxation. Our Beneficiary Protection Plans, Asset Preservation Trusts and Assurance Trusts do just that.

Post-death is the most important advice stage and is the time when the purpose of the planning you put in place comes into effect. Your Financial Planner will be the person your family contact for all matters relating to your Will and wealth after you die.

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