Do you want your family to benefit from your wealth?

What does Bloodline Protection mean?

It means keeping your wealth for your family.

Most people want to leave their wealth to their spouse, children or other family members. Putting your wealth into Trust protects it so that only the people you want it to go to, actually get it.

If you simply gift cash, property or other assets directly to your family members, these gifts are included in the estate of the person who receives them. This means they are exposed to social impacts, such as divorce, remarriage or bankruptcy.

Directing your wealth into Trust means it is better protected from third party claims, such as from an ex-partner or creditors. The assets are owned by the Trust and are generally considered outside of the beneficiaries estate, which means they may not be included as part of a divorce arrangement.

We don’t like to think that we or our children will divorce, but the reality is that it may happen – exposing your assets to claims outside of your bloodline.

Seek financial and estate planning advice so that you and your family benefit by putting the right Trust solutions in place for you.

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