The Three Month Quickstart programme

Using trusts is the most effective way of:

  • Distinguishing yourself from the competition
  • Protecting your clients’ assets from the tax man
  • Protecting your clients’ money from the in-laws
  • Producing significant levels of income to your practice that hits the bottom line
  • Building client loyalty
  • Making your clients business ‘sticky’

And yet so many Advisers fall at the first hurdle when they try to put a trust writing strategy in place for their practice. There are many reason for this but mostly, it’s because they don’t know where to start, have poor follow-through and let life get in the way.

The answer to this is the Three Month Quickstart Programme.

For only £300 plus VAT, we’ll show you everything you need to know to embed trust work into your business over the course of three workshops placed 30 days apart.

Once a month you and a member of your team will attend a three hour workshop at the Wills & Trusts office in Thame, Oxfordshire. We will show you everything you need to know to generate thousands of pounds for the practice while making your clients’ lives better than they could have imagined.

AND, after three workshops, if you don’t think it’s been worth your time and money we’ll give you your £300 back…. No questions asked.

Here’s an outline of what you’ll get when you attend the Three Month Quickstart Programme.

Stage One: 7 September 2017

In the first month we want to set the ground work for writing your first piece of business and making sure that you have the confidence that you need to write it easily and profitably.
We also want to make sure you are fully compliant.

This workshop will look at

  • How to introduce the trust discussion into your meetings.
  • How to use the one of world’s most effective closing technique to get everyone to say yes.
  • How to sell and implement the Assurance Trust and Asset Preservation Trust (APT).
  • How to complete the relevant trust paperwork.
  • How to generate referrals from the trust writing process.
  • Where to place the trust question into first meetings and review meetings.
  • Designing your pricing structure.
  • How best to invoice.
  • Dealing with VAT.
  • Establishing a non-regulated company.

Stage Two: 11 October 2017

You may have sold your first trust, but it was tough, and you felt uncomfortable. Therefore in this session we need to establish how to deal with objections and how you can use them as a selling tool.
We’ll look at the most common issues when a trust is sold that causes problems when implementing.

This workshop will look at

  • Using the Assurance Trust to create other trusts.
  • Placing investments in trusts.
  • Using the Multiple Bond Trust.
  • Common closing problems and how to overcome them.
  • How to ‘price test’ with clients.
  • Selling the APT to a group.
  • Profit generation and uplifting.
  • Client signings.
  • Dealing with trustees.

Stage Three: 22 November 2017

You’ve now sold a couple of trusts, and even had them back for signing with the settlors and trustees. You’re a little overwhelmed and are thinking of going back to the old way of doing things. You are different to most advisers. The difference is that this is where the most successful advisers accelerate away and build a profitable and automatic marketing machine.

After eight weeks of using trusts, you should set up procedures and processes to make business automatic. Now you want to have the team do what they need to do without your continued input. Now we want to help you build the automatic machine that can generate tens of thousands of pounds of additional income per year using probably the most useful and effective trusts concepts ever designed, the Beneficiary Protection Trust (BPT).

This workshop will look at:

  • The BPT and how it is your clients’ best friend.
  • How to discuss the BPT with any client.
  • How to sell the BPT.
  • Dealing with BPT issues and questions.
  • How to handle BPT questions and objections.
  • Writing reports covering trust issues.
  • Dealing with the children.
  • Dealing with Trustees (again)

Who runs these workshops?

The Three Month Quickstart Workshops have been written by David Batchelor based on his experience with real clients in real situations. These are not academic workshops.
The workshops are delivered by Dean Hobbs a Financial Planner who joined David in 2002 from the Britannia Building Society. Dean is an understanding and experienced adviser who shares his expertise and wisdom with all of the clients he meets with. Dean is also a public speaker with a great reputation and in 2010 spoke alongside David at the MDRT International Convention in front of 2000 Financial Advisers from around the world.

To attend the Three Month Quickstart Programme you must:

  • Have attended at least the Solidus Foundation Workshop or the Trust Solutions Workshop
  • Attend with someone from your administration team (Advisers just can’t seem to do this stuff on their own!)
  • Complete the prep work for each workshop
  • Commit to all three monthly workshops

Spaces are very limited to each group. To ensure you get everything that you need to generate tens of thousands of revenue in your first year email to sign up.

We will be adding additional dates to this programme once they have been confirmed